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Club Vacancies & Requests for Help

As mentioned at various times in the DBC Newsletter we need people to help with various tasks within the Club. We are potentially missing out on some good opportunities to promote the Club, to raise funds and to do more for birds and birdwatching in Dorset.


The following are posts that we need to fill or areas where people can help on an ad hoc basis:


Committee Vacancies


Non-Committee Vacancies 


Daily Blog Updater 

Join a rota of regulars to help update the Club’s daily sightings page.


Social Media Manager 

The Club has a good presence on Twitter (over 1,000 followers) and is slowly developing its reach on Facebook. Are you able to help maintain this increasingly important aspect of the Bird Club's activities?


Database Manager (Archives)…..

The project, working closely with The Dorset Environmental Records Centre, has been running for a number of years now. To date nearly 80,000 old records, dating back to 1957, have been input for 105 species. The current push to advance this work has petered out and so a decision has been taken to regroup. It is hoped that we can re-launch the project in the future but someone is required to manage the project.


…..and Data Inputting (Archives) 

Individuals are required to input the record cards. Access to a computer is essential.


If you have an initial interest in any of these, and would like to find out more, please contact admin@dorsetbirds.org.uk 



Article Writers

Do you have an article in you?

It is sometimes a struggle to get enough items to go into our Newsletter. It would be good to have a stock of articles written in advance and waiting to go into it.


Contact  admin@dorsetbirds.org.uk


The same goes for the Annual Bird Report - we get virtually no papers submitted to include in the report. Surely there are studies and observations of Dorset birds being carried out each year that could be written up as a paper for the report!


Contact  admin@dorsetbirds.org.uk







Dorset Bird Club - Internal

Specific requests for help by the Club are found on this page but please feel free to contact us if you would like to help in some other way ....there is plenty to do!


We receive requests for help from other organisations and individuals and are happy to pass these on. If you are interested in further details of any of these, please contact the relevant person.


.....at a glance


Dorset Bird Club - Internal


Committee vacancies:



Other tasks:

Daily Blog Updaters

Advertising Manager

Database Manager (Archives)

.....data inputting (Archives)

Event helpers

Article writers