Dorset Bird Club


                                                 2016 Decisions


BBRC records denoted in this colour



Black Guillemot, Brownsea Channel, from 2015-18/02/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Cattle Egret, East Holme, 12-28/12/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted




Pallas's Warbler, Portesham, 25/02-28/04/2016, G & C Whitby - Fast-track Accepted




Crane x2, Holton Lee, 05/03/2016, P Morton - Accepted




Bee-eater, Portland Eight Kings Quarry, 30/04/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Bluethroat, Portland BO, 16-17/04/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Glossy Ibis, Charmouth, 25/04/2016, R Phillips - Accepted

Goshawk, Ringwood Forest, 04/04/2016, K Betton - Accepted

Western Subalpine Warbler (group), Portland BO, 13-17/04/2016, per birding info services - Accepted




Bee-eater, Lodmoor, 14/05/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Black Kite, Durlston, 14/05/16, H Murray - Accepted

Black Kite, nr Bere Regis, 14/05/2016 - Not Proven

Black-winged Stilt x2, Christchurch Harbour, 06/05/2016, per Dorset Recorder - Accepted

Black-winged Stilt, Lodmoor RSPB, 10/05/2016, per birding information services - Accepted

Black-winged Stilt, Lytchett Fields RSPB, 11-14/05/2016, D. Jones et al - Accepted

Cattle Egret, Lodmoor, 06/05/2016, IM Stanley et al - Fast-track Accepted

Glossy Ibis, Lytchett Fields, 11/05/2016, I Ballam - Fast-track Accepted

Great Spotted Cuckoo, Portland BO, 13/05-16/06/2016, A. Bentley et al - Accepted

Honey Buzzard, Lytchett Bay, 06/05/2016, S Robson - Accepted

Honey Buzzard, Hurn, 29/05/2016, S Simmonds - Accepted

Kentish Plover, Ferrybridge, 01/05/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Kentish Plover, Hengistbury Head, 06/05/2016 - Not Proven

Kentish Plover, Stanpit, 08/05/2016, L Chappell - Accepted

Pallid Harrier, Hengistbury Head, 06/05/2016 - Not Proven

slim Harrier sp, Hengistbury Head, 06/05/2016, DH Taylor, N Whitehouse - Accepted

Red-footed Falcon, Morden Bog, 04-08/05/2016, BJ Hill et al - Fast-track Accepted

Red-rumped Swallow, Lodmoor, 14/05/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Western Bonelli’s Warbler, Portland BO, 11/05/2016, per birding info services - Accepted




Golden Oriole, Weymouth, 05/06/2016, N Fowler - Accepted

Greenish Warbler, Portland BO, 18/06/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Grey-headed Wagtail, West Bexington, 05/06/2016, MJ Morse - Accepted

Montagu's Harrier, nr Wimborne, 06/06/2016, L Chappell - Accepted

Woodchat Shrike, Martinstown, 10-14/06/2016, D Chown et al - Fast-track Accepted




Honey Buzzard, Dorchester, 18/07/2016, G Upton - Accepted

Long-tailed Skua, Chesil Cove, 11/07/16, CE Richards - Accepted

Melodious Warbler, Durlston CP, 26/07/2016, I Lewis, T Elborn et al - Fast-track Accepted




Aquatic Warbler x2, Undisclosed location, 14/08/2016, Observers withheld - Accepted

Aquatic Warbler, Lytchett Fields RSPB, 31/08-01/09/2016, I. Ballam et al - Accepted

Cory's Shearwater, West Bexington, 20/08/2016, AJ Barrett, MJ Morse - Accepted

Greenish Warbler, Portland BO, 22/08/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Honey Buzzard, Verne Common, 24/08/2016, CE Richards - Accepted

Long-tailed Skua, Chesil Cove, 20/08/16, CE Richards - Accepted

Melodious Warbler, Portland Bill, 16/08/2016, per DBC et al - Accepted

White Stork, Coward's Marsh, 08/08/2016, per DBC et al - Fast-track Accepted

White Stork, Portland Harbour, 09/08/2016, CE Richards - Accepted




American Golden Plover, Lodmoor, 21/09/2016, IM Stanley - Accepted

Black Stork, The Verne, Portland and roaming 07/09/2016, C. E. Richards et al - Accepted

Blyth's Reed Warbler, Portland BO, 06-08/10/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Citrine Wagtail, Radipole, 01/09/2016, B Spencer et al - Accepted

Corncrake, Ringstead Bay, 07/09/2016, G Upton - Accepted

Dotterel, Hengistbury Head, 21/09/2016, N Whitehouse - Accepted

Honey Buzzard, Christchurch, 20/09/2016 - Not Proven

Icterine Warbler, Portland Sheat Quarry, 25/09/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Lesser Yellowlegs, Lytchett Fields RSPB, 18/09/2016 into 2017, I. Ballam et al - Accepted

Paddyfield Warbler, Undisclosed location, 19/09/2016, Observers withheld - Accepted

Pectoral Sandpiper, Sutton Bingham Resr, 03/09/2016, T Farr - Accepted

Red-breasted Flycatcher, Portland BO, 15/09/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Richard's Pipit, St Aldhelm's Head, 08/09/2016, B Pinchen - Accepted

Rose-coloured Starling, Portland Haylands Estate, 17-29/09/2016, R Hargreaves, S Morrison et al - Fast-track Accepted

Spotted Crake, Lytchett Fields, 19/09/2016, S Robson et al - Accepted

White-winged Black Tern, Mudeford Quay, 06/09/2016, L Chappell - Accepted

Woodchat Shrike, Wyke Regis, 11/09/2016, per DBC et al -  Fast-track Accepted




Common Rosefinch, Combefield Quarry, 07/10/2016, D & M Foot - Fast-track Accepted

Crane x2, Portland, 04/10/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Crane x2, Wyke Regis, 03/10/2016, CE Richards - Accepted

Crane x2, Lodmoor, 09/10/2016, per DBC, photo - Accepted

Dusky Warbler, Southwell, 26-30/10/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Isabelline Shrike, The Verne, Portland, 30/10/2016, C. E. Richards et al - Accepted

Little Bunting, Portland BO, 29/10/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Pine Bunting, Portland BO, 26/10/2016, per birding information services - Accepted

Pallas's Warbler, Portland BO, 23/10/2016, per DBC - Fast-track Accepted

Pink-footed Goose, Hatch Pond, 06/10/2016 - Not Proven (to be recorded as Tundra Bean/Pink-foot)

Red-eyed Vireo, Portland BO, 14/10/2016, per birding information services - Accepted

Red-flanked Bluetail, Portland BO, 25/10/2016, per birding information services - Accepted

Rose-coloured Starling, Overcombe, 06-20/10/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Rose-coloured Starling, Dorchester, 22/10/2016, IM Stanley et al - Accepted

Siberian Lesser Whitethroat, Highcliffe, 20/10/2016-2017, P Morrison et al - Accepted

Siberian Lesser Whitethroat, Portland BO, 29/10/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Subalpine Warbler sp, Portland West Cliffs, 05/10/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Whooper Swan x2, Abbotsbury Swannery, 19/10/2016, SA Groves et al - Accepted

Whooper Swan, Lytchett Bay, 20/10/2016, I Ballam, I Lewis - Fast-track Accepted




Bewick's Swan x2, Radipole, 25/11/2016, B Spencer et al - Fast-track Accepted

Crane x3, Hengistbury Head, 16/11/2016, I Southworth et al - Accepted

Caspian Gull, Culverwell, 21/11/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Crane x4, Portland Harbour, 08/11/2016, per DBC - Accepted

Richard's Pipit, Mudeford Spit, 01/11/2016, S Simmonds - Accepted

Whooper Swan, Middlebere, 13/11/2016, D Allison - Accepted




Cattle Egret x5, Nottington, 03/12/2016 into 2017, per DBC - Accepted

Cattle Egret x2, Bockhampton Dairy Farm, 14/12/2016-2017, O Frampton et al - Fast-track Accepted

Cattle Egret, Beacon Corner (Puddletown Forest), 17/12/2016, O Thomas - Accepted

Cattle Egret, Abbotsbury Swannery, 30/12/2016, SA Groves - Accepted

Green-winged Teal, Lytchett Fields, 05/12/2016-2017, ID Ballam et al - Fast-track Accepted

Hume’s Warbler, Portland BO, 14-19/12/2016, per birding information services - Accepted

Richard's Pipit x2, Abbotsbury, 15/12/2016 into 2017, SA Groves et al - Fast-track Accepted

Ring-necked Duck, Chard Junction GP, 24/12/2016-21/04/2017, D Helliar - Fast-track Accepted