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Welcome to the Website of the Dorset Bird Club

The Dorset Bird Club - recording Dorset's Birds 

Registered Charity Number: 1148111


  Observations of Dorset's bird life have been recorded in various publications since the late      

  1700's. The County's first avifauna, J.C. Mansel-Pleydell's 'The Birds of Dorsetshire:            

  A Contribution to the Natural History of the County' (R.H. Porter, London), appeared in 1888.


  It was nearly 100 years before the next avifauna was published, by David & Charles, in 1983.   

  'The Birds of Dorset' by Col. E.D.V. Prendergast and J.V. Boys was followed, 20 years later by

  the current avifauna. 'The Birds of Dorset' by George Green, which was aided financially by

  The Dorset Bird Club and published by Christopher Helm in 2004.


  By 1987 local birdwatchers decided that there was a need for an independent bird club in the

  county and The (New) Dorset Bird Club was formed. The Club took over the role of collating

  bird records and has produced the annual Dorset Bird Report since then.


  The Dorset Bird Club is a membership based

  club financed, and run, by its membership.  


  Please look around the site - if you are not a

  member, and are interested in Dorset's birds,

  then why not consider joining the Club.

The role of The Dorset Bird Club


 To promote an interest in birds and bird watching in Dorset


 To collate Dorset bird records and to publish the annual Dorset Bird Report


 To provide comment and support on local conservation issues


 To promote small scale local bird conservation projects through the DBC Conservation Fund


 To initiate and encourage participation in local and national bird surveys

This website is funded and maintained by the Dorset Bird Club.  All photographs  used on this site are copyright of the photographers. [banner photo by Tim Balmer]

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